Conveying systems for your beverage production line

Since the establishment of the Kaak-Group in 2007, Multiparts has become the most reliable business partner in conveying solutions for several industries, including the beverage industry.

The strong and solid ‘Kaak’ conveying belts and systems have proved themselves in the beverage industry for years. Today, these modular plastic conveying belts are frequently used in beverage production lines worldwide

Supported by the Kaak-Group, Multiparts has over 45 years of experience in hygienic stainless steel conveying systems. These are provided with their own range of modular plastic conveyor belts (other types of belts are optional as well). 

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Conveying systems for the beverage industry

Our extensive delivery program of chain conveyors, with one or more tracks, are highly suitable for the transportation of;

  • bottles
  • cartons
  • and crates

Furthermore, pallets and barrels can also be transported through our strong modular belts. Through straight and curved conveyors with a really tight radius.

Supply conveying systems beverage production line

Multiparts rapidly supplies a standard conveying system for your company. You can order standard conveying systems directly from our catalogue. The average delivery time for standard conveying systems is between 3 to 4 working weeks.

Customized solution beverage production line

Are you looking for a customized solution for your company? Also in this field, Multiparts is your most trustworthy supplier. Feel free to inform to find solutions for your business situation without any obligation. Customized solutions including control and installation (if desired) are available within only a few weeks more.


Our conveying systems are completely made out of stainless steel and plastic, all according to the highest hygiene standards. The majority of our conveying systems are designed with some extras:

  • Quick and easy cleaning can be carried out
  • Wet-cleaning will not cause any problems
  • The conveyors dry quickly through minimal horizontal surfaces,
  • Places where bacteria can occur are avoided as much as possible

Specials and parts conveying systems for the beverage industry.

We are able to supply our standard conveying systems mentioned in our catalogue within a couple of weeks. In addition, we also offer a wide range of transport related specials, such as:

  • power free conveyors
  • horizontal- and vertical switches
  • 90 degree take over’s
  • stoppers & diverters

The delivery time of these parts is between 4 to 5 working weeks./p>

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