Conveying systems for your bakery production line

Multiparts has become the trusted focal point for conveying solutions in the bakery industry.

The “Kaak” conveyor belts have proved themselves in the bakery industry for years. Today. these modular plastic conveyor belts are the most frequently used belts in the bakery industry.

Supported by the Kaak-Group, Multiparts has over 45 years of experience in hygienic stainless steel conveying systems. These are provided with their own range of modular plastic conveyor belts (other belts types are optional as well).

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Conveying systems for the bakery industry

Multiparts provides conveying solutions extremely fast, for your bakery production line as well. 

We are specialized in the transportation of:

  • dough
  • baked products
  • straps-baking trays
  • packaged products
  • (bread) crates

Supply conveying systems bakery industry

Multiparts rapidly supplies a standard conveying system for your company. You can order a standard conveying system directly from our catalogue. The delivery time for standard conveying systems is approximately between 3 to 4 working weeks.

Customized solutions for the bakery industry

Are you looking for a customized solution for your company? Also in this field, Multiparts is your most trustworthy supplier. Feel free to inform to find solutions for your business situation without any obligation. Customized solutions including control and installation (if desired) are available within only a few weeks more.

Specials and parts for conveying systems bakery industry.

You can contact us for a wide range of specials as well, which are frequently used in the bakery industry, for example: 

  • power free conveyors
  • flour- and seed strewers
  • horizontal- and vertical switches
  • chuted conveyors
  • 90 degree take over’s
  •  spiral chute
  • stoppers
  • diverters

The delivery time of these parts is 4 to 5 working weeks.

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