There are many factors that you should know about 918 Asiawin. The number of shares
authorized by the company is 918 million and the number of employees is 300,000. But how
many people own this company? Is it just a scam? And is it really worth the money? Read on to
find out! Is Asiawin Nidhi Limited a scam? Or is it a legitimate company? Read on to find out!
And don’t forget to visit Asiawin’s website for more information!

918 Asiawin

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Asiawin Nidhi Limited

Asiawin Nidhi Limited is a public limited company incorporated in Uttar Pradesh. Its NIC code is
65999. The company operates in the field of Non-government companies. The company has 3
directors – Mohammad Aslam Khan, Farh Khan, and Raj Kumar. There are no other listed
companies similar to Asiawin Nidhi Limited. Here is a brief introduction of this company.
What is a Nidhi? Nidhi companies are non-banking finance institutions that lend money between
its members. Other names for these institutions are Permanent Fund, Benefit Fund, and Mutual
Benefit Company. They are regulated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, which can issue
directions regarding deposit acceptance activities. Their members are their only shareholders.
Therefore, they have a high level of transparency and control. However, this does not mean that
Nidhi companies are completely risk-free.
Nidhi Mutual Benefits Company: This company operates under the rules of the Indian
Companies Act 1956. As a mutual benefit organization, it provides financial assistance to its
members. It accepts deposits and grants loans against immovable property and securities. Apart

from that, it also offers loans against Kisan Vikas Patra. In the case of small businesses, there
are several advantages of working with Asiawin Nidhi Limited.

Asiawin Ventures Private Limited

The latest financial report of ASIAWIN VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED was filed on 31 March
2021. The company has a registered address in FAIZABAD, Uttar Pradesh and is active. The
SHAHIR SINGH. The registered office address of the company is 5/11/143 REED GANJ,
The registered office address of Asiawin Ventures Private Limited is 5/11/143 Reed Ganj,

Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. The company has a paid-up capital of Rs. 100000 and is a Non-
Government company. Its latest financial report was filed on N/A. The company is actively

looking for investments and is a potential buyer. For more information on the company, visit its
The ASIAWIN VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED is a non-govt company that was incorporated on
21 Jan 2020. It is registered in ROC-Kanpur as a Non-Government Company. It has 2 directors:
Mohammad Aslam Khan and Farah Khan. Its website is Its para: Asiawin
Ventures Private Limited is a Non-govt company, and its registered office is located in Faizabad,
Uttar Pradesh, India. It has an authorized share capital of Rs. 1.00 lakh and a paid-up capital of
Rs. 100.000. Its registered office is located at 5/11/143 Reed Ganj, Faizabad, India. It is a
private company, so its annual report is not available. It
Asiawin Nidhi Limited is a private company incorporated on 10 January 2020. The NIC code for
the company is U65999UP2020PLN125535. Its paid up capital and authorized share capital are
INR 500,000. It has 3 appointed directors. The NIC code of Asiawin Nidhi Limited is 65999. Its
business type is Other financial intermediation. The directors of Asiawin Nidhi Limited include Dr.
Samir Shah, CEO, and ABD-Vidhi.

Asiawin Nidhi Limited’s directors

You can find out the names of Asiawin Nidhi Limited’s board of directors and other company
information by looking at the information on its annual general meeting (AGM) and last filed

balance sheet. The company was incorporated on 10-Jan-2020 and is classified as Non-
government. Its registered office is Building No.6/315, Monamkunnathu House, Thuruthy P O,

Perumbavoor, Kerala, India.
To become a director of the Nidhi Company, a person must be a member of the Nidhi Company
and must have ten equity shares in the company. Once appointed, a director may hold office for
ten years, after which he or she is eligible for re-appointment. A Central government-appointed
director may also extend their tenure, but the length of time after which they will become
ineligible is limited.
As a company, a Nidhi is a non-banking financial institution that specializes in lending between
members. These institutions are regulated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and may issue
directions to restrict their deposit-accepting activities. Their members are the only shareholders.

In general, they receive their deposits from individual members and lend to them only when they
can repay them. They are a good choice for people who want to build a nest egg to grow their

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